Friends of Tamarancho

In the interest of our community Public Health to combat the spread of Corona Virus when using all Camp Tamarancho trails, PLEASE:

  • You must ride the loop in a clockwise direction;
  • Follow proper social distancing during this energetic activity;
  • Ride in control and be safe on the trails.

The Marin Council, BSA operates Camp Tamarancho high in the hills above the town of Fairfax.  In partnership with the Friends of Tamarancho local volunteer group, we provide many miles of challenging and well-maintained mountain-biking trails on camp property, in addition to public access for the Marin County Open Space Preserves.

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Gold Passes

See info below:

The use of Tamarancho is limited to current passholders ONLY.



All trails are closed when raining or if wet and slippery following seasonal storms.



2020 (discounted through 12/31/20)

Annual Individual Pass = $25

Annual Family Pass = $45
Individual Day Pass = $5


2020-21 (through 12/31/21)

Individual GOLD Pass = $65

Family GOLD Pass = $95

Your donation is tax deductible.


There are many ways to enjoy this program. By clicking one of these links, you can pay for your pass online OR you can download the application to mail in to the Marin Council office (see link below):

  • 2020 pass—now until Dec. 31, 2020, access as an Individual
  • 2020 pass—Now until Dec. 31, 2020, access as a Family,
  • 2020-21 GOLD pass—now until Dec. 31, 2021, access as an Individual
  • 2020-21 GOLD pass—now until Dec. 31, 2021, access as a Family
  • One-Day Pass
    Children under 16 do not need passes.
Details and conditions are in the FOT application form. Please download the form, read it, sign, and retain a copy. Your submission of payment online with your credit card indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions therein. Tamarancho rules. When you sign up, you will receive email newsletters from time to time with updates about Tamarancho as well as other trail news around greater Marin.
Also print and read this helpful map of the area - note the parking information in particular.

No parking is permitted anywhere on Iron Springs Road at any time.

If you have questions, please email or contact the Marin Council Service Center.

  • Pass must be visible while riding
  • Don't ride in the rain or when trails are wet
  • Always ride in control
  • No dogs allowed

Please Note:

Possession of a Tamarancho pass does not entitle the bearer to drive or park anywhere on Iron Springs Road.

Parking is allowed in legal spaces in Fairfax, and cyclists must ride to the trailhead kiosk on Iron Springs Road.


 GO with
 the FLOW!








Thank you for ensuring proper stewardship of these trails by adhering to these rules for the benefit of all riders.


We wish you a safe and enjoyable riding experience

on the scenic trails loop at Camp Tamarancho!


Wildlife Awareness & Mountain-Biker Safety at Camp Tamarancho; just click on these links for more information:

Poison Oak            Ticks

Yellow-jacket Wasps            Rattlesnakes

Bobcats            Mountain Lions




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