Be sure download Payment and Refund policies by clicking this link.
Non-Scout groups, contact the council office to make reservations: 415-454-1081.

A per car charge will be assessed by the Camp Ranger for day users only.

Click on the category of asset you would like to reserve on the left. You will not see availability until the individual item is selected. For example, in order to see if the Twin Cities campsite is available, you must go into Main Campsites and select Twin Cities. To reserve, click on the first night you want to use the facility in the calendar portion to begin the reservation process. There is a 2-night minimum on all sites. After clicking the first night, click the day you are leaving.

Use small "i" icon on the right of each site to see a description.

For example, you want to arrive Friday evening and stay until Sunday morning. Click Friday's date; then click Sunday's date. Then click "Reserve." This will put the site in your shopping cart. You can reserve more sites or check out.

If you are arriving Saturday and leaving Sunday, you must still select 2 nights. So, start with Friday night, and end with Sunday morning. If you want to be there all day Sunday, select Saturday, and leave Monday.

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