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Properties Committee Report June 2016

Upcoming projects and recent events

Marin Sierra

Summer is coming to an end after a great camp season and we are looking forward to fall and camp projects and repairs.

New ranger Charles Odell is doing well, learning the ropes from Andy and bringing his own flavor to the camp. Charles has outlined several projects and camp improvements he would like the properties committee to focus on including substantial repairs to the water system which he outlined to board and committee members on a system walkthrough. He is networking among the troops, packs, crews and user groups on the hunt for help to improve camp.

Bill Barton established the beginning of a support campaign for the new shower project at the Marin Council Donor Dinner and we look forward to progress on new showers this year. Please contact Bill or John Pope if you are interested in contributing and helping out. It has been a long time coming and will be a tremendous benefit to camp.

A water system walkthrough occured May 1 with the familiarizing Charles Odell and properties members with the existing system.

The Memorial Day work party/adventure was a success and  several projects were completed  in addition to helping Charles open up camp for the year. Now we are looking forward to the Labor Day weekend to help Ranger Odell close up camp and prepare for winter. Please join us if you can as there is always great food and great company. Please contact Tim Wells if you can join us.

There are many trees damaged by the drought and beetles around gold rush campground which need attention which will create the need for large brush parties in the spring.

Roof replacement and bathroom repairs are needed at the ranger residence as well as general maintenance. The new Ranger Charles Odell is settling in to his new home and starting improvements and a roofing work party is in planning for the fall.

Campwide septic systems are a major long term concern for the camp. A plan to upgrade the system is a high priority and if there is hidden professional talent out there please  help us out with this important plan.

Plans for seating improvements and extensions to the seating area at the camp fire bowl is in discussion with help from Kurt Schindler and Hans Shillinger.

Camp Tamarancho

Team Silver 7 of the AmeriCorps ”National Civilian Community Corps” spent several weeks in November and December at Tamarancho. The 9 members under the direction of Ranger Dana completed 7 miles of trail restoration, 3500 feet of streambed restoration, removed 3 acres of brush and undergrowth, renovated 2 buildings, restored one picnic site, and built 200 feet of fence. A great benefit to camp thanks to Chris Wells and her grant writing ability.

Murray Lodge and the kitchen structure are in need of upgrades and repairs including hot water heat upgrades and lighting.

We are looking forward to the possibility of another work crew to tackle the roof of Murray Lodge.

A memorial for Dick Keintz is in the works. We would like to place a bench and history display board at the old bomber crash site on White Hill that Dick was so fond of. Please chime in if you would like to help.

Fortunately we have had a good water year and the system is working ok, though improvements are needed.

Chris Cardinal and the shooting sports committee are working towards improvements to the firing range and Chris is working on a grant from the NRA.


A cleanup is in planning. Concerns continue about the use of the property for storage of unused boats and equipment.

Slanes Flat

Still there and waiting for wilderness camp use.

Thank you,

John Pope
VP Properties



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