Camp Marin Sierra
2022 Scouts BSA Summer Resident Camp Program Information

The Summer Camp week begins each Sunday at 12noon with troop arrival and ends each Saturday by 9am. This fantastic, one week, resident camping opportunity can be coupled with a scenic backcountry trek (before or after a camp session) in the beautiful and rugged Tahoe National Forest.
Click this link to download the 2022 General Program Schedule. Although this may change, it gives you a good idea of what the week will look like.
Merit Badge Sessions
Click here for a list of the 2022 planned merit badge subjects, and a chart showing those that have specific schedules to help determine your Scout's schedule. These charts have been extracted from the Leader's Guide.
Merit badge sign-ups take place Monday morning in an arena style (MB Madness!). Many merit badges are drop-in style, where a Scout does not need to sign-up on Monday to work on a badge at any particular time but brings his blue card to the merit badge class. Others are scheduled, meaning the Scout signs-up on Monday to participate in a particular session. See Chapter 4 of the Leader's Guide for more about this tradition.
Special Features
Sunday - Evening Chapel Service
Monday - Opening Campfire Night (Staff)
Tuesday - Theme Day; wear your costume!
Wednesday - Jamboree Cooking ALL Day!
Thursday - Troop's Own Program Night
Friday - Closing Campfire Night (troops/staff)
All week - Outdoor dining under the pines
            - Crystal-clear alpine Chubb Lake
            - Nature Trail hike around the lake
            - Sierra Scenic views from the ridges
Program Areas
The Trail-to-First Class area is geared toward guiding newer Scouts through the challenging requirements of rank advancement from Scout and Tenderfoot to Second Class and First Class. It has both scheduled times to work on particular requirements but is available for drop-in work as well. Scoutmasters and ASM's are strongly encouraged to work with their younger Scouts in this area.
Handicraft, Nature, and Scout Skills offer all Scouts many options to explore topics of interest and hobbies, and to earn merit badges. Refer to the Leader Guide for the listing of difficulty level of each merit badge, any age or rank recommendations, and any pre-requisite requirements.
The Marin Sierra Shooting Sports program consists of the rifle, shotgun, and archery ranges. Free shoot and merit badge work is done on the range, and all Scouts and adult leaders receive the range safety orientation. Scouts also have the opportunity to earn an NRA safety certificate from a certified NRA Instructor. To participate in shooting sports, COPE, or climbing, parents must be sure to sign the Minor Activity Release Form.
Trail to Eagle classes are offered to older Scouts who have perhaps earned most of the regular camp-type merit badges. This is a great way to bring the older Scouts to camp to help with troop leadership and to jump-start them on their push to Eagle advancement. These are some of the most popular classes for older youth.
Camp Marin Sierra has an extensive Aquatics program centered around the Chubb Lake waterfront.  Activities include swimming, lifesaving, paddle-boarding, canoeing, kayaking, and small-boat sailing.
Due to extensive winter storm damage dropping large timber in the area, as well as the additional sanitation requirements of our CoViD pandemic response, we will not be opening our COPE or climbing areas in 2021.
We hope to see you back here in 2022!
Marin Council is proud to have well-equipped COPE facilities. The state-of-the-art COPE course facilitates challenges for individuals, patrols, and troops. Project COPE is designed to teach an understanding of individual comfort zones, teamwork skills, self and group assessment and increase team confidence and competence. From a week long, in-depth, challenging team and personal experience to an evening patrol activity, there is something to for everyone on the COPE course. It is challenging and fun for both youth and adults.
Rock-climbing is held on large granite walls, cliffs, and overhangs on the edge of Camp Marin Sierra. Scouts can complete a 40' rappel or take their first steps in learning to climb. Numerous different climbing routes and rappels provide all skill levels a safe and exciting experience.


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