Marin-Sierra Waterfront Remodel

Marin-Sierra Waterfront Remodel
40990 State Hwy 20
Emigrant Gap, CA 95715, US
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Marin-Sierra Waterfront Remodel Week

After many years of dutiful service at the center of camp, it's time to overhaul our waterfront facility in preparation for the 75th anniversary of Marin-Sierra in 2025!  Join your Scouting friends and Camp Staff alumni in August to help tear down our waterfront structures, and realign and rebuild this important program area in support our very popular aquatics activities on scenic Chubb Lake, such an important part of our overall Summer Camp operations!

There is NO cost for this event!  Meals will be provided for all volunteers from Monday 08/12 dinner through Sunday 08/18 lunch, but you need to respond with the duration of your stay and the number of people you will have joining our work crew.  You can set-up a tent in a campsite, stay in a cabin on Staff Hill or bunk in Ibach Lodge (limited occupancy).  More details will be provided . . . please contact by email Camp Director MJ Andrews or Project Coordinator Rob Flatland to reserve your spot on our team!

THIS Camp is YOUR Camp!


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