Camp Marin-Sierra
2024 Summer Camp Fees, Reservations & Payments

A $500 deposit is due with an Online Troop Reservation or paper Troop Reservation Form to hold your camp week reservation for this coming season. The deposit can be applied toward your total camp fees, and all deposits are non-refundable after March 31, 2024.

Priority registration is given until March 31, 2024 to troops that attended the 2023 season in the same site and camp week session.

Marin Sierra is one of the only Summer camps with NO additional charge for out-of-council troops and an all-in-one pricing model!

Payment is by troop, not individuals. A troop can add individuals any time, including when they arrive at camp. Use a new 2024 Troop Payment Form each time you make additional payments.


Early Bird Fee - - - Scouts $625; Adults $200

Paid-in-full on or before March 31, 2024; includes free 2024 camp T-shirts (if ordered).  Due to ordering and delivery logistics, the FREE T-shirts are only available to those units who have paid-in-full for their attendees by March 31, 2024.

Regular Fee - - - Scouts $650; Adults $225

Paid-in-full after April 1, but on or before June 1, 2024.  Newly-registered Scouts BSA youth or recently-bridged Webelos are just $650.  Due to ordering and delivery logistics, the discounted T-shirt prices are only available to those units who have paid-in-full for their attendees by June 1, 2024.

Late Registration Fee - - - Scouts $675; Adults $250.

Paid-in-full after June 1, 2024 but at least 2-weeks prior to the start of your camp week session.  Newly-registered Scouts BSA youth or recently-bridged Webelos are still just $650.

On-Arrival Fee - - - Scouts $700   Adults $275

Within 2-weeks of your camp session, please contact Marin Council directly to place your last-minute reservation.  Bring all monies to camp where you will complete a payment form - - - DO NOT MAIL!  New Scouts BSA youth or recently-bridged Webelos are still $650 ($50 savings).

Individual (Provisional) Camper Fee
Provisional campers pay a different fee depending on their advance reservation; please see 2024 Provisional Scout Application Form.

Registration Process

To register for your week of Scouts BSA Summer Resident Camp at Marin Sierra, register online or fill out the 2024 Troop Reservation Form. You may fax the form to the Marin Council at (415) 454-5511, or mail it to the Council office at 225 West End Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901; however, make sure your deposit payment of $500 accompanies the form to hold your reservation.

Be sure to give accurate contact information on the registration form, including an estimate of the number of Scouts and leaders you expect, and indicate which style of menu you prefer --- central dining (the majority of the week in the commissary area) or jamboree (the majority of the week in your campsite).

Specific site reservations are assigned depending on availability and the size of the troop and the capacity of the campsite. Please indicate a second choice. If your troop does not occupy at least the minimum amount of the capacity of the site, the site may be shared or you may be moved to a different site. We will do our best to accommodate special needs and preferences.

No deposit refunds are granted after March 31, 2024.

Read our CMS FAQs

Refund Policy
    Full refund before 03/31/2024;
    50% - - - 04/01-30/2024;
    25% - - - 05/01-31/2024;
    No refunds after 05/31/2024.

Applications for partial refunds may be sent in writing to the Marin Council office in the event of medical emergencies or death in the family prior to the camp session.  (Does not apply to unit deposits which are non-refundable after 03/31/24).

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