James Barton, section vice chief and Talako Arrowman, was with a group of  Scouts when they heard a loud crash and saw what appeared to be a car into a ditch nearby. We heard a women scream “help, that’s my daughter,” said Barton. The Scouts including Barton climbed through a hole in the barbed wire fence as they made the way to assist the driver.

Barton was the first to reach the overturned vehicle after wading through swampy water and reeds. Two other bystanders had also arrived. Barton and the bystanders were able to open the driver's door and Barton then lifted the female driver out. The driver was shaken up but only suffered minor injuries.

Ned Farnkopf--a Talako Arrowman and retired Ross Valley firefighter--arrived, assessed the crash, and provided aid with the help of Karl Menzel, Talako Lodge Chief. Barton and other Scouts assisted the driver’s mother. “She was frantic and appeared to be in shock,” said Barton.

Moments later, police and firefighters arrived, loading up the patient for transport. Thanks to Bob Tong for the story.

Now, back to the Conclave…

Attending the Conclave were: Beth Bailey-Gates, Connor Bailey-Gates, Bill Barton, Joe Barton, Peter Bauer, Thomas Bauer, Matthew Yoshio Boris, Hunter Brown, CJ Cardinal, Keith Coombs, William Coronado, Robert Del Secco, Brandon Fankhauser, Ned Farnkopf, Zac Farnkopf, Brian Fretz, Micheal Fretz, Danny Geitheim, Edward Gilmore, Jesse Keefe, Vinnie Kehrlein, Kenny Larsen, Kevin Makens, Karl Menzel, Dylan Moynihan, Ryan Moynihan, Mark Otavka, Braulio Resendiz, Matthew Swalberg, Michael Swalberg, Edward Vorous, Ryan Ward, Charles Yates, Christopher Yates, Tommy Young (35 total registered).

Native American dancing is a specialty of Willy Coronado. The pictures are the culmination of Talako’s ceremony team’s hard work during the past year.

Important: if you want to attend the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow, you must be a member of Talako Lodge. Elections are being held for the fall Ordeal scheduled for October 17-19. Ask your Scoutmaster if fall is when your troop holds OA elections. If you need to schedule an election, please contact: Kenn Moynihan.



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