Our Solutions

Doubleknot offers web based applications to a variety of markets and organizations of all sizes.  We have unique solutions for:


Doubleknot currently serves over 150 Councils of the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the USA. Our scouting software is designed specifically for Scouting with the help and input from Councils all over the United States.

Zoos & Aquariums

Doubleknot’s solutions provide a simple and cost effective way to manage all your online interactions. We serve some of the most technologically advanced zoos and aquariums in the country and regardless of the size of your organization our products can help you generate more revenue online.

Camps & Conference Centers

Doubleknot software was designed from the ground up with camps in mind. Our registration platform allows for flexibility and control over the entire process. You will more efficiently fill up your camp and conference center, and with improved data collection, you'll have the ability to plan resources better, adjust capacity limits on the fly and bring in more revenue with targeted upsell suggestions.

Educational Programs

Doubleknot for Educational Programs provides a complete lifecycle solution from online registration to email reminders to class attendance tracking to custom invitations to prior students. Manage class/session registrations, assign instructors, enforce prerequisites and track attendee completion requirements while maintaining control over your program with software that is flexible and reliable.


At Doubleknot, we understand what it takes to advocate for your cause, which is why we have solutions that will allow your organization to raise funds quickly, manage donor database records, and reach out to people through personalized emails, newsletters and social media.

Associations & Clubs

Our suite of software and services helps you to more easily engage and interact with your members and community. With our solutions for membership management, website creation and email communications, you will be able to attract and retain members and encourage greater involvement.

Religious Organizations

From large national organizations to the smallest church, Doubleknot has the software and services that will allow you to build relationships and engage supporters and members. We have solutions tailored to meet the needs of religious organizations that will help you with member dues, event RSVP & tickets, fundraising, website management and email communications.

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